Exploring Art Media

Best Art Lessons for Home and School


Adopted as High School Art Text

I have known Barbara Shannon as an exceptional artist and teacher for over 35 years. As the media coordinator for an adult school, I often visited her classes to take photos for the school's brochures, which she also helped produce. Years later, I purchased her art book Exploring Art Media first for a charter school, and then as the Director of Adult Ed/Alternative for Beverly Hills Unified School District.

The book became the main art text for Somis Academy Charter High School, which was essentially an independent study high school. As a supplemental text for BHUSD, the art book had to receive board approval. This was no small feat. It was used for the Independent Study program as well as the continuation high school, both which I supervised.

Exploring Art Media is a vibrant book filled with full color photos, detailed lessons, and for the instructor, marvelous assessment guides and rubrics. This is essential for teachers who are not art majors but find themselves teaching the basics of art.

It is a California state approved supplemental text. To gain approval is a laborious process that requires the book qualify in meeting all state standards for California textbook requirements.

This text covers color and design, drawing, painting, commercial art, 3D arts and crafts, cartooning plus 12 cultural enrichment projects. I consider it a must for any school district or teacher needing to give students a quality art education.

Twila Cook (retired)
Director Adult Ed/Alternative Ed
Beverly Hills Unified School District


Incredibly Valuable Art Resource

Exploring Art Media is an incredibly valuable visual arts curriculum and lessons resource for art instructors and non-art instructors alike. I was an independent studies teacher for a unified school district that required one year of studio art for graduation. I found Exploring Art Media's over 220 lessons, projects, and artistic opportunities very easy to understand and follow. Because creative artistic interpretations can be unique, the assessment guide and accompanying rubric is extremely helpful.

Exploring Art Media is a wonderful exposure for many students who otherwise would not have this artistic experience.

Mary Hansen
High School Educator
For 30 years


A Wonderful Book for Teaching Art!

This is a wonderful book for teaching art!

I've taught elementary school for twenty-seven years and this is the best book I've seen for teachers to learn how to teach art. I am also an art educator and an artist. This book works for the teacher who is an artist and for those who say, "I can't draw stick people." The lessons are beautifully illustrated, easy to follow and fun! I highly recommend this book for every teacher, at every level of art skill.

Linda Legman
Public Elementary School Teacher
Grades One through Five
For 27 Years


A Great, Fun Textbook

Great textbook. My daughter reads it for fun. It has helped her quite a bit.

Andrea Milton