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Lesson 98 – Painting Possibilities
(One Image, Three Styles, One Medium)

There are as many styles and techniques of painting as there are painters. Every artist develops his or her own distinct way of applying color and manipulating media. Most artists develop their own style through two processes; (1) the study and copying of established styles to introduce the new painter to established techniques, and (2) the practicing and experimenting with various media and techniques to improve their skills. The more an artist paints, the sooner a personal, workable style will evolve.

Remember, "One painting does not an artist make." To be an artist, Paint, Paint, and Paint! Try as many techniques and media as possible and experiment with each method several times. A student may find "Pointillism" with watercolor uncomfortable, but he or she may find the same technique with colored pencil very successful and rewarding. Of course, the opposite might be true. Each individual must discover a style and technique, which is pleasing and rewarding to him or her. The "great artists" have always gone beyond the known techniques and started a new or unique painting method, style or interpretation.

This section has 22 lessons including: Oil Paints, Colored Pencils, and Watercolors.