Exploring Art Media

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Lesson 84 – Colored Pencil Painting

Exploring Art Media introduces an incredible variety of media, materials, tools, & techniques available to the artist.

Along with media exploration, this book teaches:

  • Observation and drawing skills
  • Color manipulations
  • Implementation of art elements, concepts, and principles
  • Art appreciation
  • Environmental awareness
  • Historical influences
  • Creative thinking
  • Painting techniques
  • Sculpting methods

Exploring Art Media presents 122 lessons organized into 6 distinct sections of:

  • Color & Design
  • Drawing
  • Commercial Art
  • Cartooning
  • Painting
  • Three-dimensional Arts & Crafts

Each lesson covers information, vocabulary, techniques, and exercises unique to the medium or subject. One or more projects per lesson present the opportunity to develop and implement the lesson's objectives. Step by step procedures guide the artist through the thoughtful and thought-provoking creative processes.

Curriculum Elements

Although Exploring Art Media has been designed as an introduction to an art media curriculum, it will expand any artist's knowledge and act as a creativity catalyst. Guidance letters to a teacher and student explain the books educational format. An assessment rubric is included for personal and instructional evaluations. There is also a Materials & Supplies list to facilitate setting up a working studio.

As you learn and create your way through this book, l hope you enjoy the process of mastering the objectives and developing your own visual art expressions.