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Lesson 78 – Anthropomorphic Objects
Lesson 78 – Anthropomorphic Objects

Cartoons are simple, often stylized, drawings that are humorous, satirical or informative. Because a cartoon's message or story must have instant understanding and recognition, the images are exaggerated and unrealistic. The cartoon subject matter can be illustrated in single or multiple panels. Jokes or messages are either written below the picture in captions or written in a balloon shape within the picture. Most cartoons are rendered with heavy black ink lines and occasionally use some ink wash values or a few primary colors. It should be understood that in the traditional fine art world, the word "cartoon" refers not to a humorous situation but rather to a drawing guide for a painting or mural.

Cartoon drawings are utilized in several distinct categories. Single image "editorial cartoons" present an opinion about a current event or news worthy person. For instant recognition and information, very simple cartoons are used as non-verbal "universal symbols" such as the "walk", "don't walk" street crossing signs. Books and daily newspapers present jokes and stories called "comic strips," (a series of drawings, or a single image). "Cartoon illustrations" are used to add meaning and enhance books, advertisements, and commercial projects. "Animated cartoons" use many drawings to create the illusion of movement. Each drawing rendered on film displays one small step in the animation process.

This section allows the artist / student a chance to experiment with several cartooning forms.

This section has 18 lessons including: Cartoon Graphing, Caricatures, and Self-portrait Cartoon.